Corona Virus - Covid 19

Dear Clients and family members

Re Corona Virus - Covid 19

Due to the current pandemic of Covid 19 we would like to reassure you that we are following Government advice.  We receive updates from Public Health England, Suffolk County Council and The United Kingdom Home Care Association regularly and will be cascading this to our carers.

 If any of our carers show symptoms of the virus these are a temperature, and or a consistent dry cough they will self-isolate.  Please can I ask that if you have any of these symptoms you let us know preferably by telephone before your visit.

If you have the symptoms or are tested as positive for the virus we will still provide your care but before we come to you the carers will have to collect special masks and possibly eye shields from the office. 

Carers will not be wearing masks to clients who do not have the symptoms as these are specialist masks and we have been advised to only wear them for people with symptoms or who have tested positive for the virus.

Hand hygiene is the most effective defence we have against the virus all carers are aware of this and are regularly washing their hands, they will also follow this up with hand sanitizer when they are somewhere they are unable to wash.   Please if you are able could you provide paper towels for carers to dry their hands on this eliminates contamination through hand towels.

As you will be aware we already use gloves and aprons for personal care tasks, the government advice is that we continue to do so.   Advice is also that general cleaning activities should be increased normal household cleaning products and bleach are effective at getting rid of the virus on surfaces.  Frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned regularly.   All carers have been asked to clean door handles and surfaces whilst they are at calls.

We have reviewed our clients as requested by Suffolk County Council with regard to the levels of medical needs and informal support that we are aware of and based on this should it be necessary to prioritise our work load this is the list we will follow. 

If we are required to prioritise our work load due to staff shortages it may be that we will have to cut down the number of calls we make to clients.  We will discuss with individual clients and if necessary their families what support they need.  It may be that we are able to leave sandwiches for meals and that we are either unable to do housework calls or that you don’t have your regular carer.

By working together we hope to ensure that everyone is kept safe please do not hesitate to ring me or email me if you are at all concerned.

Kind regards



Penny Brookes

Registered Manager



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